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October 25, 2016

February 28, 2012

Two Great Projects to Back at Kickstarter

A little free publicity for two projects we love and want to see succeed – and YOU can be part of it!  Click the links below and make a pledge NOW!!!

ROBOT 13 TRADE PAPERBACK – the hard-to-find, critically acclaimed series from Blacklisted Studios is well on its way to becoming a trade once the funds are raised.  13 days left (coincidence) and they need a few hundred bucks more.  Hey, at least sign on for the $13 level and get yourself a trade and some buttons.

ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP ANIMATED SHORT – of the $12 grand they’re trying to rasie they’re at… whoa!  $28k!  I’d say that’s a success kids!  But if you can still scramble and get in, they’ve also got some great rewards, like qat the $35 mark, your name in the credits!  Go Robo!

What a great way to actually be involved in the making of some great entertainment!  Good luck guys!





  1. Evilguy says:

    Aw yeah, awesome projects to call attention to. I donated to a Chris Claremont biography project a couple of months back, but I’m honestly a lot more enthused about this.

    I went in for a cell from the Atomic Robo feature, with name in the credits, a copy of the DVD, the Wegener poster, and of course buttons. Freaking awesome.

    Still mulling over what to donate to the R13 project… too many good choices to make there. I think I might go with the T-Shirt, because that is just some hardcore indy comic t-shirt goodness right there – instant geek cred, in a wearable form.

  2. Evilguy says:

    Yeah, had to go with the T-shirt/Trade option on Robot 13. It was a good day for investing in indy stuff featuring disembodied heads mounted in robot bodies, and monsters, and run of the mill automatic people.

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