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August 16, 2010

Just Another Manic Wednesday

by Goodguy — Categories: Comic Reviews, Pull Lists2 Comments

Here we go again kids!  Let’s see what the powers that be have churned out for us this week.  The offerings look pretty Avenger-rific, with a few indie gems thrown in.

First, let’s start with the stuff that will sit in the fifty cent bins for many, many conventions to come:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #640 – Seriously, guys, you had redeemed yourselves with Shed and the Grim Hunt.  We forgave you.  Well, pretty much.  Did you reeeeally have to remind us of the One More Day travesty, with a lackluster script and art to match?

AVENGERS AND THE INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 of 4 – At first I was like, ho HO, did I not hear about something?  But alas, this book looks to have all the charm of Spidey Super Stories #39.  I”ll wait here while you check it out.  Now I’ll wait while you puke.  Now I’ll wait while you clean up the mess with a copy of Amazing Spiderman.  We good?  Cool   Next up…

DEADPOOL #5 and DEADPOOL CORPS #26 – Seriously, who buys this stuff?  I’m praying for you.  And then I’m giving you a wedgie.

IMAGE UNITED #3 of 6 – Bringing back all the glory of the original Image days, right down to the multiple rip-off chase covers and missed deadlines.  Will we reward them for this?  I say thee nay.

HULK #24 – I know you’re not gonna believe this… spoiler alert… Green Hulk versus Red Hulk.  A-freakin’-gain.

On the far end of the spectrum, here’s some stuff you do not want to miss:

PHOENIX:WITHOUT ASHES #1 of 4 (IIDW) – Evilguy and I were recently discussing how this is the one guy on earth that terrifies us both.  I’d be scared not to buy this book.  Harlan Ellison is a genius storyteller and I have great faith in his ability to deliver the goods.

CHEW #13 – Part 3 of  “Just Desserts”.  What’s up with the chogs?

HELLBOY SEED OF DESTRUCTION - It’ll be the best dollar you’ll spend this week.

REBELS: STRANGE COMPANIONS TP – If you’ve been ignoring our rave reviews of this book, here is your chance to redeem yourself.  Buy it or at least one of them Brainiacs is gonna getcha.

ATLAS #4 – I’m digging this series.  I never would have bought it if it was called 3-D Man.  But I’m glad I did.

NEW AVENGERS #3 – The best of the new Avengers offerings, with Bendis promising some interesting back story connecting Iron Fist, Dr Strange and Wolverine.

AVENGERS ACADEMY #3 - The other best of the new Avengers offerings, and this month they’re throwing in some Thunderbolts! Which of course crosses right into…

THUNDERBOLTS #147 – Suh-weet!  But that ain’t all…

SECRET AVENGERS #4 – The other OTHER best of the new Avengers titles!

TINY TITANS #31 – Aw yeah!  Brainiacs!

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #51 – Hey kids!   All that cool stuff that you thought might be happening in Brightest Day?  Psst… over here…

And here’s a few offerings that I’m on the fence about and deserve a looksee:

SUPERGIRL #55 -Bizarro Supergirl – now why didn’t I think of that?

BATMAN BEYOND #3 – Evilguy keeps telling me to try this one, but I haven’t.

BRIGHTEST DAY #8 – Evilguy keeps telling me to drop this one and I haven’t.

POWER GIRL #15 – Can I ever shake the “I miss you” feeling from the former creative team?  The magic… is it gone for good?  No offense, Judd, I usually enjoy your work, but those were some big, high-heeled shoes you had to fill…

X-BOOKS – I’ll let Evilguy hawk NEW MUTANTS, X-MEN and X-FORCE, I’m too far behind reading them and will probably stay that way.



  1. Evilguy says:

    In keeping the GoodGuy’s desire that I cover the X-Books this week, here are those books plus a couple of others you might be interested in. Am I sore that GoodGuy has foisted off the continuity saturated X-Books on me? No, actually, I have to respect that – those without the mental faculties to do that kind of mental heavy lifting should always, whenever possible, hand off those tasks to their resident evil genius. Hey, that’s what we’re here for. Y’know, that and the whole “rule the world” shtick.

    New Mutants #16 – Part 2 of Fall of the New Mutants – The last issue was a real surprise, as it felt less like a Marvel comic and more like watching a quality thriller/slasher film. The main thrust of the plot moved along with the New Mutants themselves largely unaware of the forces gathering around them (earning them some quality character moments and interpersonal development), and the last 6 pages climaxed into a surprising set up for the oncoming conflict. If this is the kind of unpredictable story telling that the creative team is capable of when left undisturbed by cross-overs, then please by all means count the New Mutants out of major events for the time being.

    Uncanny X-Men #527 – Part 2 of Five Lights – For the first time in a long while we are being introduced to new characters in this book, and it feels… well, good, but warped at the same time. The X-Men are back to using Cerebra to find new mutants, but something has changed and it may not be for the better. As ever, Matt Fraction’s writing has been crisp and accessible, even if the storytelling is a bit decompressed for my liking, and the unfolding events should have long time fans of the X-books deeply interested.

    Wolverine Weapon X #16 – The last issue of the series… until it renames itself to “Wolverine” next month. < > That will make it, what, Volume 97 of Wolverine?? Putting that aside, I’m looking forward to seeing this outstanding creative team use this last issue to address the death of Nightcrawler and it’s impact on Wolverine, the man on whom Kurt Wagner had the most positive impact.

    Last Phantom #1 – The Alex Ross driven respectful reinvention of a character some call the first Superhero. I personally have never had a taste for this character or his prior relaunches/reimaginings. Having said that, I really think that Alex Ross and Dynamite Entertainment in general have had many solid successes reinventing properties of the past (I still remember being stunned that I not only liked their Galactica 1980, but got really invested in it). So credit where credit is due – this one deserves your consideration.

    Green Lantern Corps #51 – I’m not sure what in blazes this has to do with Brightest Day, and frankly I don’t care. It has been a more entertaining read than the other GL books, with more intricate plotting and more believable dialog. The creative team has an enormous cast to play with, and it never ceases to impress me that they’ve managed to endow each player in a scene with his own unique and recognizable voice. If you call yourself a GL fan and you’re not reading this, shame on you!

    Ben “the Evil Secret Avengers Guy” West

  2. Goodguy says:

    I was dead-on about Phoenix Without Ashes. Classic Ellison combining brilliant sci-fi, human conflict and social commentary in the way only he can get under your skin. Three more issues to go and I’m totally hooked.

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