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October 26, 2016

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May 7, 2012

Coolest Freebie at the 2012 Free Comic Book Day – ATOMIC ROBO WINS AGAIN

Let’s be honest – it just wouldn’t be FCBD without Red 5′s Atomic Robo.  And these guys don’t skimp.  While Robo is consistently clever, one of the best books on the shelf that not enough people are reading, the FCBD offerings have regularly been even a notch above that, and this year may have topped them all, with yet another insane appearance by Dr. Dinosaur.  I laughed, and I laughed more, and I had to leave the room because I was laughing too hard.  Dino is hysterical.

Favorite Dinoline: “Other than the everything going completely wrong, it’s all going according to plan!”  Sounds like another Evilguy I know.

If you didn’t grab this, but instead grabbed DC’s New 52 preview or the Avengers reprint, shame… on… you.  You missed out on a comic that was worth a real price tag, but they gave away for free.  Unbelievable entertainment.

I should note that there’s other Red 5 stuff in here too, like Neozoic and Bonnie Lass.  They weren’t too shabby either, but Robo takes da cake.

Well done sirs!



February 28, 2012

Two Great Projects to Back at Kickstarter

A little free publicity for two projects we love and want to see succeed – and YOU can be part of it!  Click the links below and make a pledge NOW!!!

ROBOT 13 TRADE PAPERBACK – the hard-to-find, critically acclaimed series from Blacklisted Studios is well on its way to becoming a trade once the funds are raised.  13 days left (coincidence) and they need a few hundred bucks more.  Hey, at least sign on for the $13 level and get yourself a trade and some buttons.

ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP ANIMATED SHORT – of the $12 grand they’re trying to rasie they’re at… whoa!  $28k!  I’d say that’s a success kids!  But if you can still scramble and get in, they’ve also got some great rewards, like qat the $35 mark, your name in the credits!  Go Robo!

What a great way to actually be involved in the making of some great entertainment!  Good luck guys!



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